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Shooting in Wales


Britain is the envy of the shooting world when it comes to the sheer range of shooting disciplines available on these small islands lying off the coast of mainland Europe. Nowhere else in the world offers such a wide range of shooting activities in such a relatively compact environment. Wales, with its spectacular mountains and picturesque coastline, provides a fabulous backdrop to a wide range of shooting activities and, thanks to its location on the western seaboard of Britain, can easily be reached either from the main population areas of the rest of Britain or from the continent.


The geography of Wales varies from undulating lowland around the coast to the wild mountain scenery of Snowdonia in the north west, the Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains of the south and the Cambrian Mountains, which form the backbone of the country. With the sea never far away and a coastline punctuated with wild estuaries, Wales enjoys a mild climate and in winter is the destination of countless thousands of migratory waders and wildfowl as well as good numbers of woodcock.


Whatever kind of shooting you are looking for, whether driven game, rough shooting, woodcock shooting, deer stalking, pigeon shooting or wildfowling, you will find it all in abundance in Wales.


Game Shooting

Game shooting as good as any to be found in the rest of Britain is available throughout the length and breadth of Wales. Pheasant and partridge shooting can be particularly testing, given Wales' topography, while those wishing to hunt the elusive woodcock, that most quintessential Welsh quarry, will find Wales provides an abundance of this highly-prized quarry during the harsher winter months when they may not be present in other parts of the British Isles. The red grouse, found nowhere else in the world outside Britain, is also on the quarry list for those sportsmen wishing to take up the challenge of truly testing shooting.


Rough Shooting
Away from the formality of traditional driven game shooting, Wales offers some of the very best opportunities to shoot wilder quarry, including both wild pheasants and partridges but also truly testing quarry for the true connoisseur of wild bird shooting - snipe and woodcock, either driven or walked up. Wild duck and geese also feature in the bag. Bags are smaller than on driven days but the quality of the shooting, as well as the sheer variety of quarry species on the list, more than make up for numbers. Rough shooting is a mixture of driven and walked up and all of it will be a real challenge to the sporting shooter. Moreover, combining a driven day with one or two rough shooting days will provide more than enough shooting without breaking the bank.


Woodcock shooting
Wales is truly blessed with the number of woodcock which migrate to spend the winter in its mild climate. With the advantage of a shorter journey time from the UK's main population centres, Wales is arguably the most easily accessible area of Britain to enjoy woodcock shooting at its very best. Come to Wales to try for the ultimate sporting challenge - that elusive right & left at woodcock!


For those looking for the ultimate challenge in shooting truly wild birds in truly wild places in some of the most challenging conditions, there is wildfowling. Wildfowling, as opposed to duck or goose shooting inland, may be defined as 'the pursuit of wildfowl below the high water mark'. The Welsh coastline is dotted with numerous estuaries where wildfowlers can enjoy their sport, often with fabulous mountain scenery and medieval castles forming a picturesque backdrop.



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